PAXIS Technology

PAXIS Technology

Written by the PAXIS Development Team

Over the past three years PAXIS Institute has been working hard to bring you tools that help make your PAX journey easier. From your first training to scalability and ongoing implementation we are always looking to make the PAX Good Behavior Game the best part of your day, because teaching should never be hard.


Right now there are thousands of educators using our suite of PAX Up! apps.

Teachers have given us great feedback to help develop the tools to keep track of your games, Spleem counts, and reports to see how your class is improving. We designed multiple versions for ease of use including mobile versions for your phone or tablet and a desktop app allowing you flexibility for how you wish to record and track your data.

This year, the PAX Up! Teacher App also has positive notes home that integrates with a parent app to easily send Tootle Notes or other communication to parents and other caregivers.

Partners have also enjoyed their own PAX apps. The partner app allows for keeping records in multiple classrooms and buildings across their district allowing easy reporting and data keeping to help ongoing PAX Good Behavior Game implementation and growth. These reports not only help your classrooms, but also help the PAXIS scientists further develop the PAX Good Behavior Game and future trainings to bring you the best behavioral health sciences to help your classroom achieve peace, productivity, and happiness.


The website got a face-lift this summer! Visit the website for the latest news and material to help keep you informed with what’s going on at PAXIS all in one convenient place. The website also has explanations of our PAX sciences, and all the trainings offered with detailed information of what to expect and how the training can help you build and add more tools in your school. The DR. PAX blog brings you news and articles that Dr. Dennis Embry writes and shares with you to keep you informed of the latest science and news going on in the world.

Online Training Options

Planning a day for a school wide or district wide trainings can be hard to plan and make time for. So in the spirit of doing our best to make the PAX Good Behavior Game easy to learn and teach to your students we have designed online training courses that you can take at your pace at work or at home. The PAXIS Development Team has worked hard to ensure the the online training is equal to or better than the tradition training options we have offered before. The Online PAX Good Behavior Game trainings includes rich content from multiple PAXIS scientists including; digital chapters of the manual for you to read, videos explaining the science of pax and real classrooms practicing and implementing PAX. Through the course we offer interactive quiz checkpoints to test your understanding of the PAXIS Good Behavior Game.

Upcoming Tools

All these new and amazing features, and we aren't done yet! The PAXIS development team is working hard to bring you new features to make life even easier for the many teachers who are practicing the PAX Good Behavior Game and for the many more in the future. Keep tuned to the Dr. PAX blog to see what’s coming up next!\

If you have any suggestions for how we can make the PAX Good Behavior game even better, please E-Mail us as You input is always appreciated.


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