PAX Tools Arizona

Community Educator Training

Arizona PAX Training Schedule

PAX Tools Community Educator Training:

An individual who completes this 8-hour training will become a Certified PAX Tools Community Educator, authorized to present PAX Tools Community Workshops in their own community. Participants in PAX Tools Community Educator Training will receive a manual and a set of PAX Tools. Upon completion of the training, Certified PAX Tools Community Educators receive access to online resources, reproducible files, ongoing technical assistance, and professional development provided by PAXIS.


PAX Tools for School@Home Community Educator Training:

Prerequisite - PAX Tools Community Educator Training

The PAX Tools for School@Home Community Educator Training provides a new and needed application of PAX Tools for parents and caregivers who are facilitating a child’s schoolwork at home. This training equips PAX Tools Community Educators with the skills and materials to support parents and caregivers with situation-specific applications of five Evidence-based Kernels when facilitating schoolwork at home. After completion of this 6-hour training, PAX Tools Community Educators will be certified to present PAX Tools for School@Home Community Workshops. This training will equip Community Educators to effectively guide parents and caregivers in virtual or in-person presentations of PAX Tools for School@Home. Certified Community Educators will also receive access to online resources and technical assistance through PAXIS.

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